Thursday, January 08, 2009

Care for environment from space

Today, we all are concerned about and working directly at various levels to care for our environment. One initiative that caught my attention is the "The Glory Mission" of Nasa. The Nasa website says about the mission that
  • "The Earth's energy balance and the effect on climate requires measuring black carbon soot and other aerosols, and the total solar irradiance. Glory is a low Earth orbit (LEO) scientific research satellite designed to achieve two major goals:
    Collect data on the properties of aerosols, including black carbon, in the Earth's atmosphere and climate system. It will enable a greater understanding of the seasonal variability of aerosol properties.
  • Collect data on solar irradiance for the long-term effects on the Earth climate record. Understanding whether the temperature increase and climate changes are by-products of natural events or whether the changes are caused by man-made sources is of primary importance.

So that is what Nasa will do. What can you do? Here's an opportunity for you to participate in the project by "sending your name around earth". Click on the link below and participate to show your care for our environment!

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