Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Follow or not to follow

Today, the #3 IT company in India and a world leader in IT outsourcing revealed that it was built on the basis of internal fraud. The founder was the fraudster leading a dual life - propogating governance and working against it.
There is so much one can now do (write) to critic the company, management and various authorities that were supposed to create a supportive and governing environment to prevent a fraud.
My two cents take was that not to go this path but to only say what is the learning that we have - we can learn from this history now.
  1. Trust what you factually see and is presented to you -- yet take a deep dive when look out for warning signals. These signals are not necessarily in annoucing the problem - yet symptons which could be totally isolated.
  2. Create and live with back-up options while the going is good - not when something goes wrong.

The only other thing that is on my mind right now is the 50,000+ employees of the company whose TRUST has been betrayed.

Yet, another question arises in mind - was there an opportunity for someone to stand tall and blow the whistle?

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