Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Leisha & Pears

Leisha is a my daughter and Pears is premium brand of soap from the Unilever company. So what is the relationship between the two?
Leisha made her debut as a model in the tvc commerical and print advertisement of Pears soap ! Here is the link to the advt : http://www.tinyurl.com/leishadogra
She makes me proud !

Monday, March 16, 2009

Whose company is it anyways?

Over the last year or so we have just been hearing about the excesses that have been committed by the companies around the world. Check – the management of the companies. Check 2 – the top management ‘Board’ of the companies. Decisions for growth, profitability, self remuneration et al. And, the resultant collapse of the mighty empires whose so called rock solid foundations have proven to be hollow. The leadership which was dynamic and class dithered to dust.

And, today morning here back in India, which has had its share of worldwide flu – comes a pleasant, confident and overpowering look at what good companies are made of. “The fundamentals of Corporate Governance” by Sudhakar Ram, CMD of Mastek Ltd a pioneering IT solutions company from India takes an objective look at the role of leadership. Sudhakar has interpreted the ideology behind the governance of an organization with that of a model which is proven, trustworthy and evolved from the concept of a true organization – governance of the organization for the organization by the organization from within its hierarchy based on value, principles and processes.A refreshing thought and viewpoint away from the mundane – do and don’ts being propagated by one and sundry. Have worked on imbibing this philosophy in my wake of life. It works.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My experiments with twitter.com

I know about things when I read them, see them or am told about it. But how can I make my own understanding absolute about them and find out the truth behind them – the only way I know of (all my education taught me this) is to test it out for self. Experiment it. Use it, live it, be part of, adopt it, propagate it …
For the past month or so I have been experimenting with twitter.com. I had read about, seen it, been a dormant player on it for a while. So I decided to move to fast track. Learnt more about, more than anything else observed what the “conversation” is that is happening. My observations led me to categorize (Top 5 & others) the conversations as (oh let remind – twitter prompts: “what are you doing?”)
1. Posting items that is believed to be of interest to others based on self interest 35%
2. Posting response (my understand that the post is only to be “active”) 25%
3. Propagating self – blog, service etc 15%
4. Actually conversing (Question & response) 8%
5. Really what the person is doing 7 %
6. Others 10%

The obvious questions then is what category do I belong too? I belong to the categories 1, 4 & 5 – not in that particular order. The experiment is still on as my conversations are becoming more aligned to the real purpose of twitter. Long live twitter.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Care for environment from space

Today, we all are concerned about and working directly at various levels to care for our environment. One initiative that caught my attention is the "The Glory Mission" of Nasa. The Nasa website says about the mission that
  • "The Earth's energy balance and the effect on climate requires measuring black carbon soot and other aerosols, and the total solar irradiance. Glory is a low Earth orbit (LEO) scientific research satellite designed to achieve two major goals:
    Collect data on the properties of aerosols, including black carbon, in the Earth's atmosphere and climate system. It will enable a greater understanding of the seasonal variability of aerosol properties.
  • Collect data on solar irradiance for the long-term effects on the Earth climate record. Understanding whether the temperature increase and climate changes are by-products of natural events or whether the changes are caused by man-made sources is of primary importance.

So that is what Nasa will do. What can you do? Here's an opportunity for you to participate in the project by "sending your name around earth". Click on the link below and participate to show your care for our environment!


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Follow or not to follow

Today, the #3 IT company in India and a world leader in IT outsourcing revealed that it was built on the basis of internal fraud. The founder was the fraudster leading a dual life - propogating governance and working against it.
There is so much one can now do (write) to critic the company, management and various authorities that were supposed to create a supportive and governing environment to prevent a fraud.
My two cents take was that not to go this path but to only say what is the learning that we have - we can learn from this history now.
  1. Trust what you factually see and is presented to you -- yet take a deep dive when look out for warning signals. These signals are not necessarily in annoucing the problem - yet symptons which could be totally isolated.
  2. Create and live with back-up options while the going is good - not when something goes wrong.

The only other thing that is on my mind right now is the 50,000+ employees of the company whose TRUST has been betrayed.

Yet, another question arises in mind - was there an opportunity for someone to stand tall and blow the whistle?