Monday, March 16, 2009

Whose company is it anyways?

Over the last year or so we have just been hearing about the excesses that have been committed by the companies around the world. Check – the management of the companies. Check 2 – the top management ‘Board’ of the companies. Decisions for growth, profitability, self remuneration et al. And, the resultant collapse of the mighty empires whose so called rock solid foundations have proven to be hollow. The leadership which was dynamic and class dithered to dust.

And, today morning here back in India, which has had its share of worldwide flu – comes a pleasant, confident and overpowering look at what good companies are made of. “The fundamentals of Corporate Governance” by Sudhakar Ram, CMD of Mastek Ltd a pioneering IT solutions company from India takes an objective look at the role of leadership. Sudhakar has interpreted the ideology behind the governance of an organization with that of a model which is proven, trustworthy and evolved from the concept of a true organization – governance of the organization for the organization by the organization from within its hierarchy based on value, principles and processes.A refreshing thought and viewpoint away from the mundane – do and don’ts being propagated by one and sundry. Have worked on imbibing this philosophy in my wake of life. It works.

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