Monday, December 29, 2008

"ecommerce" :: IT Works in India

All along, wherever, around the world i travel and during the course of travel, there are a lot of people from various nations that I meet. One of the pertinent questions posed to me is - does "ecommerce" work in India??
And, I for one, cannot resist delving into the success of ecommerce in India. I have personally used ecommerce service providers - who are both pure digital and/or mortar and brick shops for last 8 years. Yes 8 years and it works with the same precision as expected from world class providers. Of course there could be the normal hic-cups too. One recent service provider whom i came across on Christmas is (click on logo below for more details). The provide printing services for digital photos. I read its details, uploaded the pics of family that we had shot on Christmas outing and 3 days later the prints are here. All in good shape and condition. At a competitive cost!!

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