Monday, December 15, 2008

Does Feedback Work ?

I am doing an experiment with truth. A market leader in cinemas in India offers on-line booking of tickets. Wow - that is good. But it charges a service charge for the ticket. And, beyond that one has to again to the ticket counter and collect the ticket spending ~10/15 mins time. Not at all comfortable, cheap or friendly method to get a customer like me!
So i have explained this issue and writtent to the CEO and COO of the company. This by writing to their official emails and on their corporate website feedback form. Now wait and watch!!
The questions that are going thru my head at this moment are :
  • will I single handedly be able to change the way a company looks at customers and services models?
  • What will I do if they will not do anything w.r.t. my feedback or give me a 'reason' for why it is needed?

Right now, i will wait for the river to come and then decide how to cross it?

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