Monday, December 15, 2008

Conversation Key Words

The conversation over "conversation" (called in many other words - yet meaning the same) has been now increasing. It is reaching a to a hype maturity level. This is specially true with respect to the "sell side" communication. There are certain key words floating between the two sides.

  • Connection
  • Uniqueness
  • Comfort
  • Variety
  • Community
  • Context
  • Continuity

My source of these keywords is the two key sources right now which in turn have a bigger reach and outreach. Forrester ( and David Armano (

But what about the meeting point? Where do the buy side and sell side meet? What about the real buyer - consumer? While on the face of things it looks easy - they both meet as they are buyer-seller -- but lets look at reality. The "Seller" is selling to the real consumer who is not in any way connected to the "Buyer" from whom actually nothing is direclty being bought. So how does the conversation get the real consumer (ultimate buyer) involved?

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