Friday, July 27, 2007

Meetings & mobile - the way out finally.

I am working on an idea to make it getting disturbed in between meetings by your mobile calls a thing of past. The idea is :
The mobile calendar is in sync with the calendar of meetings from a computer systems or direct meeting entries are made into the mobile calendar. When the meeting time is approached the mobile does two things :
1. it changes the profile of the phone to "silent" or in"meeting" automatically avoiding the rush to press multiple buttons to change the profile of the phone by the user - which invariably we forget to do until the call actually comes thru or warned by the moderator of the meeting.
2. it sends a message (without requiring confirmation by user) based on service providers program for subscription to this service : wherein on the start of the meeting time -- the caller tune is changed to a tell the caller " i am in meeting - please call me back later or at appointed hour" or pick up the end time of the meeting and say that.
when the meeting is over then the profile and caller tunes are set back to normal (default).

Am working on writing this piece of software....

any help is welcome.

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  1. What you need is a mobile jammer which the organiser of the meeting should carry and on using it, it jams all the mobile signals within a certain radius