Monday, March 05, 2007

Lets work for a living planet.

WWF~the real adventure sport of positive action for the nature is what i believe in. And, have been working and contributing virtually for the success of initiatives across the world. One wish i have is that all of us, need to participate in this and i want to garner support for this among my readers too. Logon to and start your contribution today.

Lets work for 'our' living planet.


  1. Hi Prakash,

    A lot of interesting stuff here...esp on CI. SCIP is a site to bookmark.

    Yes, I have signed up for WWF and receive regular action alerts from them. It will be great to see some Indian organization mobilize the online community (as WWF does) for local causes...

    Have you thought of signing into the Google AdSense programme? A lot of bloggers are making money through it.

  2. Thanks Gayatri for joining the cause for our world.
    hmm Adsense..makes sense...